Carnaby Court

Carnaby Court
51 Weeks
Enabling Works
SPPM/Shaftesbury PLC

About the Project

Deconstruct UK Ltd were appointed by Single Point Project Management and Shaftesbury Plc. To undertake the enabling phase contract at 22-25 Kingly Street and 14-16 Fouberts Place, London. 

The Project saw the internal soft strip of a number of buildings spanning between two perpendicular roads. Following completion of the soft strip, the demolition of existing building and a section of retained façade were carried out. 

Further to the demolition phase, significant underpinning was carried out around the Project to allow the subsequent excavation, across the site for the formation of a new basement level. Tower crane erection for the main contract works was also carried out at this point. A reinforced concrete substructure “swimming pool” structure was then formed across the site, with significant propping to the bounding roads.

Project Challenges

Situated in the Carnaby Estate, the roads surrounding the Project become pedestrianized after 11am, leaving only 3 hours of vehicular access to the Project. 

The sheer volume of waste material generated during the soft strip phase, as a consequence of the various former uses for the buildings in question required careful segregation and planning to avoid congesting the waste removal routes and ensure maximum efficiency. 

Other challenges we encountered during the delivery of this Project were the surrounding neighbours and businesses. In order to appease these stakeholders Deconstruct UK operated a voluntary 2 hours on and off noisy/quiet periods.

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