Harley Street

Harley Street
60 Weeks
Enabling Works and Basement Construction
The Howard De Walden Estate

About the Project

141-143 Harley Street, located in the heart of the private medical centre of London was set for refurbishment to allow for the installation of ground breaking medical equipment to serve private practices. Deconstruct UK Ltd were engaged on the Project to provide an Enabling Works and Basement Construction solution. The works executed at the Project saw:

- Demolition of an existing Mews building to the rear 

- Installation of temporary flying shoring frame to support mews buildings either side 

- Secant piling to the perimeter 

- 13 meter basement excavation 

- Contiguous and Bearing Pile Installation at the new formation level 

- Reinforced waterproof concrete subterranean structure.

Deconstruct UK Ltd delivered the works using our in-house specialist teams from design of temporary works, to piling and ultimately reinforced concrete construction.

Project Challenges

There were a number of challenges to be considered and dealt with on this development, none less so than the restrictions placed on Mews road to the rear and some notable neighbours. There was to be no access via the rear road to service the project, to overcome this challenge Deconstruct installed a conveyor of 60 linear meters in length to provide reliable means of removing in excess of 4,000m3 of excavated material from 13 meters below ground level. The same challenge was faced with bring materials into the Project for construction, Deconstruct designed and erected a lifting beam gantry to allow flatbed vehicles to arrive at the Project and be unloaded with ease. We also installed a concrete pumping line within the gantry structure and passing through the building basement vaults to allow concrete pumping in a concealed manner providing minimal disruption to passing members of the public.

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