Modern Pathology Building, St Bartholomew’s Hospital

Modern Pathology Building, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
9 Weeks
Restricted Access Piling

About the Project

The previous Pathology Buildings at St Barts were being demolished to allow the construction of a new facility, while retaining the GradeII Listed façade. Deconstruct’s Piling Division were awarded the subcontract package to design, install and test piles to resist the loading for the replacement facility, which needed to be installed during the demolition phase.

One pile cap had to also withstand loading from a Tower Crane, and we also installed a temporary King Post Wall to facilitate the excavation of the Old Pathology Building basement.

The scheme required 45nr 508/450mm diameter piles up to 23m depth, with both compression, horizontal and tension loading, installed using our Hütte 203 restricted access piling rig. The King Post wall was installed in 450mm diameter SFA piles to 8m, with a 254x254x73kg/m UC, constructed using the larger Hütte 204 rig with long mast.

Project Challenges

The King Post wall was constructed first, with a number of obstructions encountered, and in extremely limited working conditions, with a number of other site activities taking place concurrently. Following excavation and MOLA investigation, ramp access was provided for 2nr Hütte 203 rigs to construct the 45nr bearing piles. Headroom was limited in places to 2.85m, so cages had to be installed in short sections, lapped together. Working space was also very restricted,so management of spoil removal, drilling equipment and pile reinforcement around the piling activities was challenging.

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