Morley House

Morley House
32 Weeks
Façade Retention and Demolition
The Crown Estate/Kier Construction

About the Project

Further to the successful completion of the initial soft strip phase at Morley House, Deconstruct UK Ltd were engaged by The Crown Estate and Kier Construction to carry out the significant façade retention and demolition works to the building. Located just north of Oxford Circus on Regent Street, the Project is in a very prominent position and part of The Crown Estates regeneration programme for Regent Street. Demolition is to be carried out using robotic machinery and mechanical pulverisers to maximise efficiency during the demolition and minimise the environmental impact through reduced requirements for percussive breaking.

Project Challenges

With the demolition of the entire floor plate behind the retained façade Deconstruct were required to design a suitable façade retention system that could house office and welfare cabins to service the Project. Erection of the façade retention system was another challenge required to be overcome, it was not an option to site a mobile crane on Regent Street for the duration of steel erection. Deconstruct instead lifted a spider crane onto the roof of the building in order to provide means of vertical lifting and allow steel installation.

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