Project Hilt

Project Hilt
33 Weeks
Cut & Carve
Ellmer Construction

About the Project

Deconstruct UK Ltd were successfully awarded the Enabling Works Package at Project Hilt comprising of, demolition to reconfigure elements of the building, mostly facilitated by temporary works installed to support retained areas of the building. Chimneys and masonry walls were removed to form new and larger openings. Stair cores were also demolished along with the existing 4th floor slab and Ground floor entrance slabs. 

New permanent steel was installed throughout the project in order to form large openings along with, new supports to reinforced concrete slabs of up to 250m2, raking roof steels and passenger lift steel for use in the future.

Deconstruct also undertook the ground works package comprising of, a new lift pit, underground drainage installation and an in-situ reinforced concrete basement slab.

Project Challenges

The Project, situated at the junction of Pall Mall and St. James Street and opposite St. James Palace, required extensive planning in order ensure the timely delivery of the scheme. Deconstruct worked closely with Westminster City Council to ensure a suitable traffic management plan was in place, to avoid unnecessary congestion to the surrounding roads and Stakeholders. 

The rear area of the building was the only entrance for materials in and out. At the time of construction, the road was shared with another Project. Both teams carrying out significant “Cut and Carve” Projects, and Deconstruct pouring in excess of 700m2 of new reinforced concrete slabs. 

To the front of the Project, a new basement, constructed by others was being built. Deconstruct were required to implement significant monitoring and reporting regime throughout our works, to ensure early identification of any adverse effects being caused by the surrounding building works.

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