Queen Annes Gate

Queen Annes Gate
65 Weeks
Demolition & Façade Retention
Maple Springfield

About the Project

Deconstruct UK Ltd were successfully awarded the Soft Strip and Demolition Enabling Works Package on behalf of Maple Springfield. Soft Strip of the 9,000m2 building was required in advance of the wholesale demolition, to allow for the installation and fixing directly to the structure of a temporary works façade retention system. 

Removal of the lift car equipment early on meant the now vacant lift shaft could be utilised as a controlled drop zone for the distribution of stripped materials ready for transit away from the Project. A platform was installed within the lift shaft at first floor level to allow materials to be removed and loaded into 40 yard lorries. Lorries were loaded from a purpose built gantry. The gantry was built inclusive of heavy duty canvas curtains to enshroud the lorry and prevent dust pollution as a consequence of the removal and loading process.

Project Challenges

The principle challenge for the Project was the management of vehicle movements in a predominantly residential area of Westminster. Traffic marshals were employed to ensure the save manoeuvring of construction traffic. Strategic loading of vehicles was also employed in an effort to keep noise generated by the activity to a minimum. 

The listed façade meant that removal activities such as window removal had to be undertaken with the utmost care to ensure minimal damage to the external finishes. Conditions surveys were conducted prior to removal activities and following completion. 

Close liaison with Westminster City Council was required in order to gain the necessary permissions and licenses to allow for loading and erection of scaffold to the exterior of the Project. 

Deconstruct UK Ltd voluntarily worked to the Westminster Section 60 working hours to keep disruption to adjoining stakeholders to a minimum throughout the works.

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