Project Update - New Oxford Street

February 2, 2021
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The Deconstruct (UK) Ltd team at our New Oxford Street project have been busy, and we wanted to take a moment to share some progress updates.

After achieving a key project milestone of erecting the first of two cranes on this scheme before Christmas we now have the second and last crane in use at our Castlewood House site.The excavation from Basement Level 2 for the new core location at the former LinkedIn London HQ has also been completed, we have temporary works in place to support the surrounding roads, and our Slipform is rising steadily day by day, all on behalf of our client Royal London Asset Management.

Back at Medius House, we have been completing the internal lift core and reinforced concrete structure to provide a change of use of the building to provide 18 affordable housing units.

Our Brand and Marketing team are more than happy about all the green steel and our branded monarflex on display after the installation of the stability tower connecting flying shores to waling beams at various levels in order to provide the façade support system to the façade of Medius House.

The pictures demonstrate the logistical challenges our project team has faced, operating with minimal space around them. The stability frame, which is constructed of 80% recycled steel from another scheme, was prefabricated off-site offering key environmental and programme benefits.

You can find out more information about the whole project at the Castlewood house construction website

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