Deconstruct specialise in designing and installing temporary conditions, – we design, fabricate, install and remove Temporary Works Schemes

Temporary Works

Through our design partners we can provide cost and time efficient designs considerate of permanent condition and construction process.

We deliver this by understanding the permanent solution fully before we design a temporary resolve. This can be done through a number of construction techniques and materials, most commonly fabricated temporary steelwork, modular or proprietary systems and design scaffolds. The timely introduction of a permanent steel or concrete frame influences cost and programme and is very much Deconstructs first consideration.

Deconstruct design systems that when installed in line with our bespoke Coordination Manual, ensure our clients can be assured our quality control and checking provides the highest of standards to maintain safe delivery of their project. 

Deconstruct UK Ltd are members of the Temporary Works Forum, actively engaging with our peers to drive innovation and improvement.


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