Our approach

Our approach

Driven by the highest safety, ethical and professional standards, at Deconstruct we like to think we’re a little different. Through innovation, sustainability, and investing in the potential of the individual, we’ve built a team that’s a powerful force for positive change.

Our business philosophy

Safety, innovation and ethical behaviour are at the heart of our business philosophy. These attributes characterise Deconstruct as a business and inform all of our actions and relationships, internally within our workforce and externally with clients, partners, and stakeholders.

As enabling contractors, safety is the key guiding principle of our corporate culture and we ensure that everyone who works with us is fully aligned with all of our safety management policies and protocols. By continuously investing in our people, we seek to enable, inspire and enrich.

In so doing, we are strengthening the foundations of a business that is dynamic, sustainable and progressive.

Combining innovation with ethical behaviour, we strive to think creatively, and to make responsible choices of products, materials and processes. It is through these continued efforts that we can achieve significant reductions in our carbon footprint and, through the structures we build, the environmental impact of all whose lives we seek to enhance.

Together, we’re committed to building a better world.

Our vision for continuous investment in innovation and technology creates real opportunities for our people and a platform for significant and sustainable growth.
Mick Durie, Managing Director

Joined-up thinking, joined-up processes

Our integrated service is enabled by the expertise of our workforce and the diverse capabilities of our sister companies. Through a uniquely collaborative approach, we ensure that all processes and objectives are fully aligned, resulting in timely, cost-effective delivery of solutions —

from initial concept to client handover. With many significant project components sourced from within our group, critical aspects of our supply chain remain fully in our control, enabling accurate timescales, predictable costs and reliable delivery.

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Our sites stand out

At Deconstruct, our projects are the physical embodiment of our safety-first approach and our  philosophy of process-driven quality. A tidy, organised and efficient site is a safer site, and we go to great lengths to ensure that all of our work places align fully with this ethos. Our distinctive branding reflects this approach.

Everything, from staff apparel, vehicle, and equipment livery to hoardings is carefully considered and proudly presented to showcase Deconstruct’s corporate culture and values. More than this, our site environments reflect a courtesy to our partners, our stakeholders and neighbouring businesses and individuals. Respect and reputation matter.

Our solid foundations

Health & safety

From planning to delivery, health and safety are key non-negotiables at every level of Deconstruct’s activities. Every member of our workforce, from project sites to boardroom, undergoes regular health and safety training, supported by ongoing mentoring and workshops.

Our health and safety culture encompasses every aspect of our working practices, from risk evaluation and decision-making to instilling safer behaviours.

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Our objective is to create a corporate culture where these behaviours become instinctive, reinforced by continuous safety instruction and support, and underpinned by regular site risk assessments and inspections.

This rigorous approach to health and safety is recognised by an array of industry accreditations and awards and reflected by our ISO 45001:2018 certification.

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