Quality assurance

Quality assurance

In our client list of high-profile names, the company we keep speaks volumes. And it’s backed up by our ISO 9001-2015 certification and professional credentials. Continuous improvement isn’t a vague aspiration — it’s hard-wired into our working practices and rigorous Quality Assurance protocols to deliver quality construction services.

Compliance at the core

Quality assurance built-in

We are driven by quality and a culture of continuous improvement. In every single aspect of everything we do, we aim to exceed expectation and deliver quality construction services — on time, on budget, and on point.

We also strive for quantifiable quality — measuring process, performance, and delivery against rigorous KPIs.

The secret behind our continued attainment and advancement of standards is our uniquely collaborative approach. Guided by timely data from their Operations Teams, our Contract and Project Managers are laser-focused on their performance targets and compliance obligations, coordinating the teamwork and efficiency required to surpass goals and set new objectives.

deconstruct quality assurance
deconstruct quality construction


Deconstruct operate an integrated Quality Management System which is aligned with our environmental management system and health and safety protocols. Accordingly, our ISO 9001-2015 certification reflects the consistent quality standards and efficiencies we achieve across our operations as we continue to improve the development and delivery of our services. The results of this approach are enhanced credibility, elevated customer confidence and a sharpened competitive edge.

At Deconstruct we never stand still, never rest on our laurels. Continuous improvement drives every aspect of our operations and we follow a strict, risk-based plan-deliver-check-act model to address all of the internal and external requirements of the business. It’s a modus operandi that ensures that every opportunity for improvement is identified, and that all processes are resourced and managed to the highest standards. Our impressive industry accreditations are testament to this unwavering commitment to continuous improvement.
Marc Smith CMIOSH MIIRSM, DE Group SHEQ Director

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