Work with Deconstruct

Work with Deconstruct

From the talented individual to the tight-knit team, at Deconstruct we believe in the power of people in partnership. The power to do the right thing. The power to enable positive change. And the power to re-shape an urban environment that’s fit for the future.

Our culture

At Deconstruct, diversity is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in the energy of human potential and the profound power of teamwork. With different people bringing different skills and perspectives from diverse backgrounds, our corporate culture is rich, varied and inspirational. Moreover, all skills and disciplines are employed directly and in-house, from architecture, design and planning through to labour, roofing and maintenance, providing a cohesive, full-service capability.

As employers, we’re dedicated to a culture of health and safety without compromise. We invest in all of our workforce to achieve success in the here and now, whilst providing a solid foundation for sustainable growth long into the future.

We’re also committed to giving back — both to our people and communities.

Why Deconstruct?

In the right company, the construction sector is alive with opportunity and rich with potential for personal and professional growth. At Deconstruct, we are committed to helping our people grow, and providing them with all the opportunities they need to progress. As a progressive, dynamic organisation, there are no barriers to your professional development; no limits to what you can achieve.

By employing talented, driven individuals who work effectively on their own initiative, we are able to afford our staff the freedom to work independently whilst remaining part of close-knit, cohesive and highly communicative teams. Aligned values, objectives and timescales ensure that projects are fully coordinated from start to finish.
Claire Neale, DE Group Associate Director — DE Group HR & Training

Developing potential


As an agile, progressive organisation, our training and development strategies are tailored to our evolving business objectives and requirements. As a result, staff are able to learn and develop their careers in an adaptable but supportive environment that continually presents new opportunities and inspiring challenges. Deconstruct nurture and reward achievement and performance.

Welcoming all experience levels


Experience need not be a barrier. With the right credentials and personal attributes of energy, enthusiasm and drive, post A-level and graduate trainees are welcome on our apprenticeship schemes.
Whatever level you join us at, we understand that health and safety are key non-negotiable. With a dedicated team of H&S experts, our personnel can be secure in the knowledge that we are in full compliance with all regulatory requirements at all times. Working environments are continuously monitored and audited, further reinforcing our sector-leading health and safety credentials.

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