Rather than demolition, many projects require for an existing structure to be re-used or reconfigured. With extensive expertise as a sustainable deconstruction company, we are well versed in re-engineering existing layouts, floorplans and uses to meet new requirements. Working across projects with a variety of different structures can be complex, involving the

deconstruction of fundamental structural elements and, in their place, the installation of temporary and permanent structural solutions to create new core environments.
Our track record as a deconstruction company encompasses numerous high profile buildings and projects across London, often in challenging urban locations.

Retained façades

Central London is blessed with some of the world finest architectural heritage. As a result, much of our work as enabling specialists involves the retention of historic façades for conservation and architectural requirements. Using either bespoke steel façade solutions, repurposed steel stock or proprietary restraint systems, Deconstruct have successfully delivered multiple retained façade projects, collaborating closely with conservation bodies such as Historic England.

Such projects involve a delicate balancing act that combines protecting the historic façade with the reinstatement of the permanent structure behind it. Using data-rich cloud point surveys and augmented reality, we leverage the latest technology to enable clash detection and apply optimal due diligence in the installation of exceptional façade restraint solutions.

Urban demolition

Controlled demolition in busy urban environments is a complex and multifaceted undertaking. As one of London’s leading independent demolition companies, Deconstruct are highly experienced in this specialist area of work, liaising effectively with multiple stakeholders and deploying

equipment and techniques that are appropriate for sensitive demolition projects. As an award-winning demolition contractor, urban demolition is one of Deconstruct’s core services, and we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

Deconstruction projects