Mates in Mind — promoting mental health in the construction sector

Partnering with Mates in Mind to promote improved mental health in the construction sector

The DE Group recognise the growing challenges of promoting mental health in the construction sector and the issue is a key pillar of our long-established occupational health programme, as well as being fundamental to the ongoing development of the health and well-being support we provide for our personnel.

We’re therefore proud to be long term supporters of the Mates in Mind initiative. A charity established in 2017, Mates in Mind works to raise awareness and address the stigma associated with poor mental health and, in doing so, promote positive mental wellbeing in the workplace. Providing helplines staffed by trained specialists to assist those in crisis, the charity is also actively working at the frontline of mental health support.

Two people working in construction in the UK take their own lives, every day. Over 700 per year. 48% have taken time off owing to unmanageable stress.
Mates in Mind, 2022

Since its launch, Mates in Mind has built a community of over 185 Supporter Organisations and reached over 187,000 individuals across the construction sector, alongside work in other associated sectors such as transport, logistics and manufacturing. The charity aims to have reached 75% of the construction industry by 2025 — in a sector with huge numbers of small and medium-sized enterprises, it’s an ambitious goal but DE Group are committed to leveraging our profile and visibility to help Mates in Mind achieve their target.

As part of this support, we recently invited the BBC “Morning Live” show to film one of our mental health and wellbeing events, where staff discussed the taboo around mental health in the construction sector and what can be done to break the stigma.

Watch the video.


Alongside our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), we provide access to our mental health first aiders. Access to these resources is open to our staff, their families, and our supply chain partners alike. The DE Group’s well-being programme is vehemently supported at Board level, in recognition of the importance of supporting people when they need it most and not shying away from having those difficult conversations and breaking the stigma often associated with mental health and mental well-being.
Marc Smith CMIOSH MIIRSM, Group SHEQ Director

We encourage fellow industry peers to participate by contacting Mates in Mind directly.