Concrete structures

Concrete structures

Concrete structures

From below-ground substructures to complete superstructures, Deconstruct provide a comprehensive range of concrete structure solutions. Our adaptable and innovative team is equally adept with traditional concrete frames, reinforced concrete cores within existing concrete structures and bespoke structural alterations, so even the most unusual and challenging of projects can be approached with the utmost confidence.


Core construction

Well-versed in the delivery of either slipform and jumpform solutions as an integral part of substructure or superstructure contracts, core construction lies at the heart of our technical capabilities.

Alterations and strengthening

“Cut and carve” alterations and strengthening to concrete structures to is a key area of speciality for Deconstruct, with numerous projects testament to our ability to solve the most complex of technical challenges. Our extensive work in this area includes slab and core extensions as well as column strengthening.

Concrete frames

Deconstruct specialise in concrete frame construction, not only for new structures, but also behind retained façades. Whilst it is considered a traditional methodology, concrete frame often presents significant technical and logistical challenges, particularly in the complex working environments of central London. With extensive experience, both in this service offering and location, Deconstruct are eminently qualified to deliver exceptional concrete frame solutions. Our concrete frames have been highly commended by the Concrete Society.


Many refurbishment or cut and carve projects call for the construction of a new concrete core within a different location of a building and the subsequent removal of the redundant, existing core. Known as “re-coring”, this complex and technically challenging process is one of Deconstruct’s primary specialisms, with multiple projects demonstrating our expertise and ingenuity.

Exceptional quality

Recognised by The Concrete Society, we offer exceptional quality concrete structures and a full enabling works capability, delivering a seamless transition from subterranean capacity to all superstructure works.

The ConcreteZero initiative

Partnering with ConcreteZero, Deconstruct signal a dedicated pursuit of a public net-zero concrete commitment. Given our reliance on concrete in most projects, we’ve set ambitious goals — 30% low-emission concrete by 2025, escalating to 50% by 2030.

Deconstruct are also SteelZero members, playing their part in reducing emissions and carbon footprint, as well as further adopting circular economy principles associated with the steelwork sector.

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ConcreteZero is helping us achieve our sustainability goals and future-proof our business. This partnership signifies a transformative journey towards sustainable construction, where ecological responsibility aligns seamlessly with economic prudence. Together, we’re setting a benchmark for sustainable practices in the construction industry.
Mick Durie, Deconstruct Managing Director

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