Steelwork specialists

As highly experienced steelwork specialists, we are widely recognised for our structural steelwork expertise. Design, detailing, fabrication and installation are all managed by our specialist in-house teams, enabling us to deliver temporary and permanent solutions that are both timely and cost-effective. In order to maximise programme and logistical benefits, we specialise in just-in-time installations for enhanced cost efficiencies.

steelwork contractors
steelwork contractors


In tandem with our cut and carve solutions, our permanent steel capabilities as steelwork contractors also mean we’re able to control larger proportions of projects, facilitating greater cost certainty and programme benefits whilst managing design risk.

We’re also able to layer further cost savings on top of this with composite projects that involve the installation of both temporary and permanent steelwork. This includes effective solutions such as permanent steelwork doubling up to play a role as temporary works, unlocking potentially considerable programme, material and cost savings.

Sustainable steelwork

As responsible steelwork contractors, the re-use and re-purposing of structural steelwork is a key component of our commitment to further improve our green credentials. We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, as our various accreditations, affiliations and actions underline. We’re always looking to achieve and improve when it comes to the re-use of structural steelwork.

Full ISO 14001 certification.

Affiliated members of the British Constructional Steelwork Association,

with recognition of the significant reduction of our carbon footprint through the re-use and re-purposing of structural steelwork.

Members of Steel Zero —

as the only enabling works company that’s currently committed to the specification, procurement and stocking of 100% net zero steel by no later than 2050.

Already re-using temporary steelwork

to recycle around 35% of our total stock (10% in the primary market).

Approximately 100 tonnes of steelwork members are held in our stock yard

in readiness for re-use. These vary from mill-certified members from previous installations or cancelled projects to members that have been removed and re-certified.

Extensive re-use of temporary steelworks in further temporary or permanent applications.

A recent example of this is the dismantling, removal and re-use of temporary steelworks from an existing façade scheme for subsequent use at two other high-profile developments in central London.

Re-use of existing steelworks in permanent applications.

A meticulous process of surveying and careful removal of existing structural steel works, before suitability testing and adaptation for onward use on new project commissions. Our re-use and re-purposing protocols apply to steelwork of all sizes, from the simplest steelwork needles to the largest plate girders. Every item we’re able to recycle contributes positively towards our environmental targets.

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The SteelZero initiative

As members of the Climate Group’s SteelZero initiative, Deconstruct are committed to achieving 100% net zero steel by 2050 at the latest. A staging point in this journey, we’ve targeted 2030 as a landmark by which 50% or more of the steel we buy meets strict, scientifically-proven CO2 reduction standards to underwrite its environmental credentials.

We are also ConcreteZero members, signalling a dedicated pursuit of a public net-zero concrete commitment.


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Our ultimate goals are the significant reduction of emissions, shrinking of our carbon footprint and optimised adoption of all of the circular economy principles that can be attained in the steelwork sector. We’re proud to be key players in the SteelZero initiative and we look forward to sharing our knowledge and continuing to work with our fellow members to reduce emissions and actively promote positive change across the construction industry and beyond.
Stephen Dorer, Steelwork Operations Director of Deconstruct and the Chairman for the BCSA — British Constructional Steelwork Association (Southern Region)

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