Deconstruct join the ConcreteZero initiative by the Climate Group

Partnering with ConcreteZero, we signal a dedicated pursuit of a public net-zero concrete commitment. Given our reliance on concrete in most projects, we’ve set ambitious goals — 30% low-emission concrete by 2025, escalating to 50% by 2030.


ConcreteZero’s expertise guides us, not only in achieving sustainability goals but also in future-proofing our business. Mindful of economic impacts, we ensure our sustainability efforts are both environmentally conscious and economically viable. This partnership signifies a transformative journey towards sustainable construction, where ecological responsibility aligns seamlessly with economic prudence. Together, we’re setting a benchmark for sustainable practices in the construction industry.
Mick Durie, Deconstruct Managing Director

Adopting a game-changing methodology

Deconstruct proudly embraces the groundbreaking concept of ConcreteZero, revolutionising construction to eliminate carbon emissions and minimise environmental impact. This paradigm shift tackles a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions — traditional cement production.

Through advanced technologies and sustainable materials, we’re significantly reducing the carbon footprint of concrete. Our approach includes carbon capture techniques, renewable energy sources, and alternative cementitious materials, aiming for a carbon-neutral or even carbon-negative outcome without compromising strength and durability.

ConcreteZero holds great potential for combating climate change, offering a sustainable future. By adopting this game-changing methodology, we work with minimal environmental impact, mitigating global warming effects.

Thrilled to be part of this transformative movement, we invite key stakeholders to join us in pursuing ConcreteZero. Together, let’s collaborate, innovate, and build a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable world.

We are also SteelZero members, playing our part in reducing emissions and our carbon footprint, as well as further adopting circular economy principles associated with the steelwork sector.


About Climate Group

Our mission is to drive climate action. Fast. Our goal is a world of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, with greater prosperity for all. We focus on systems with the highest emissions and where our networks have the greatest opportunity to drive change. We do this by building large and influential networks and holding organisations accountable, turning their commitments into action. We share what we achieve together to show more organisations what they could do.

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